How to care for a Rottweiler dog


The Rottweiler is not a dog for all kinds of people. Since he is so dominant he needs to know that you are the boss or he will try to be the leader. If you take an adult Rottweiler instead of a puppy, you might have to correct some bad behaviors you have from your previous owner. This dog when well educated can be an excellent companion.

Feeding. The Rottweiler can weigh up to 135 pounds, more than many human adults, so you will need a large amount of dog food but being careful not to become overweight. Most specimens weighing more than 100 pounds are muscular, but without enough exercise they can quickly become fat dogs. Although you know that you should feed him a high-quality dog ​​food, ask the veterinarian what the feeding recommendations are so that these dogs can maintain a healthy weight.

training. While training is necessary for all dogs, for a Rottweiler it is absolutely essential. You have a large and powerful dog that likes to learn and can participate in all kinds of dog competition such as obedience, agility and grazing. Since the breed was used as working dogs, you can even be taught to pull a car. Don't laugh but it might be useful if you are cleaning the yard or some construction work in the house. Behind that tough appearance he has, the Rottweiler can be very sensitive, so don't yell at him if he hasn't been trained for it. You must be firm and consistent to get good results.

Exercise. The Rottweiler needs to exercise a lot, which translates into good training for both. Provide your pet with a couple of long daily walks as well as access to a fenced yard. This breed needs mental and physical exercise because if it gets bored it can become a destructive Rottweiler. From his point of view the destruction of things relieves his boredom. Play with your pet and give him some puzzles for dogs that can provide fun.

Cleanliness. Although the Rottweiler has short hair sheds a large amount>

Train a Rottweiler dog

It is not at all advisable to accentuate your natural aggressive mood, not even to promote attack or defense actions in your behavior. That would only correspond to professional police dog trainers for special tasks.

In general, the temperament shown by the Rottweiler, a molosoid breed (bulky-looking dogs that usually serve in surveillance or grazing), is calm, but never distracted or slow. It is an animal capable of perceiving the possible intentions of a stranger, without hesitation. In addition, it is a dog that stands out for hardworking, obedient, loyal and capable of demonstrating great resistance and agility if circumstances merit it. For these qualities, since the First World Cup, the Rottweiler was used for protection and defense activities.

Train a Rottweiler dog

But, beyond the above, if there is something that also distinguishes the Rottweiler is its great capacity for training. It is an intelligent dog breed that shows great obedience.

Evidence of their versatility and reliability is that, over time, Rottweilers have been efficient sentries, shepherds and protectors according to the circumstances and needs of their owners.

By adopting a Rottweiler dog, this animal is routinely accept all family members and protect parents and children. In general, they tend to be individualistic, especially because of their high intelligence. The latter is sometimes presented as an obstacle to training. For example, after having carried out a certain action that has been indicated a couple of times, they may get tired of the dynamics and look for something else to do.

Therefore, as is necessary in the case of other dog breeds, it is necessary to show patience and tolerance in the case of training a Rottweiler dog.

And while, as we had said, the Rottweiler is a dominant animal that does not easily tolerate the presence of other dogs and has a natural tendency to fight, we must also make some observations regarding the females of this species. They are quite more tolerant bitches and are better integrated into family routines. They demonstrate a great capacity to protect children and if they observe that they or their owners are at risk, they will not hesitate to protect them at the moment.

Care for Rottweiler dogs

As regards the care that a Rottweiler dog requires (by the way, a not very barking breed), although it does not need to exercise too much, it is convenient to have a garden at home so that the animal can run and play wide In the same way, it is advisable to take care of your diet so that you do not get too fat.

Rottweiler dog fur is easy to care for. A bath and eventual brushing will suffice to make it look bright and neat.

The health of a Rottweiler dog, beyond its strength and corpulence, is not without certain risks. For example, dogs of this breed may suffer events of parvovirosis, stomach torsion and hip dysplasia.

After all, there are many more positive aspects about Rottweilers beyond their reputation as a fierce and aggressive animal. There are more events of people bitten by cocker spaniel than of any other dog breed, including the dreaded Pit Bull and Rottweilers. The truth is that dogs can cause damage with their bites regardless of their size. It is known that larger dogs tend to bite less intensely than other breeds, since they know their reach.

Training tips for Rottweiler

However, for those who plan to train a Rottweiler they should never allow the animal to take over. The dogs of this breed require positive models to imitate, since, if not, they will seek to have command, become leaders and that is when aggressive problems such as those mentioned could arise.

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Peru21 contacted the veterinarian Luz Marina Vidal and answered all our questions about the breeding of these animals.

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Everything you need to know to raise a rotweiller dog (Animalso)

After the wild attack of two rottweiler to a puppy in Squirting , many are questioning about the nature of these dogs. There are those who claim that they should not be allowed for parenting.

Peru21 He contacted Dr. Luz Marina Vidal of the 'Groove Veterinary Clinic', and she gave us information to take into account if you like this breed or you already have one at home.

First of all, we must bear in mind that the behavior of rottweiler It varies according to your education. "Big dogs like rottweilers are not naturally bad. It's how they educate what influences," said Dr. Luz Marina Vidal.

"The temperament is inherited, but if one gives affection and educates him, his temperament changes," he explained.

To take care of a rottweiler dog, we must know that, in addition to educating and mastering it based on patience and affection, you should have a separate budget: "Not everyone can take care of these animals. If you don't have time and money, you can't have it."

Behavioral problems can be treated with medicine, affection and attention.

Although there is a belief that a rottweiler dog, being large, can not get along with smaller pets, the veterinarian argues that this is not true. A dog of this breed can socialize with any type of dog. You can even be in a home with children. The key is to educate him.

The walks are highly recommended, as they also help the health of the dog.


-It is very important for the dog to exercise.-He must go for a walk, and if you do not have time to take it out, there are people who do this task.-It must not go without a leash. "It's bad, they should fine those who take their dogs like that. It's a danger," the veterinarian warned, after noting that "the leash gives you the option to load the dog, stop it and take care of it."

Bad parenting

When referring to the case of the two dogs of Squirting, the veterinarian thought that these were brave dogs, that were in a courtyard, without much attention. "These puppies did not receive an education, they saw a dam and attacked it. It is likely that they have not socialized. They must have had behavior problems and have grown bitter and unbalanced," he said, but remarked that the full responsibility belongs to their owners.