How to pet a dog to relax?


Yes, dogs also get stressed and suffer from nerves. Leaving aside specific issues such as genetic factors, and that will require specific veterinary treatment, pets - like humans - are altered by issues of everyday life. And you have to find the way or techniques to relax and return the harmony to the home. Caresses, massages and walks can be simple, economical and effective solutions..

Why is my dog ​​stressed

There are different situations that can alter an animal.

  • -The loud noises caused by storms or firecrackers and other pyrotechnic elements that are used for certain celebrations.
  • -Moving.
  • -Temporary accommodation in dog pensions when the family goes on vacation.
  • -The arrival of a baby at home.
  • -The incorporation of another pet to the house.
  • -The gestation stage.

Also keep in mind that if you are stressed or nervous, you can "infect" your dog.

Even if you do not manifest it with shouting and other aggressive reactions, remember that animals are very sensitive and have the ability to detect these states and be affected by them.

Tips to relax a dog

We give you some tips that, incidentally, will help you to relax, taking a break from the daily acceleration.

Talk to him in a soft and affectionate voice while caressing him.

- Sit with your pet somewhere quiet in the house and give him a massage. Start gently through the head and temples, not forgetting your ears and neck. Then go down your spine with the palm of your hand. You can also massage the base of its legs. Also with these practices you will return - even if in part - the physical contact you would have in nature with your peers.

-Go for a walk with him. But walk a lot. The idea is not to make your needs and come back. Try to go through quiet streets, with little traffic. And walk slowly. The objective is Enjoy the ride and clear a little.

-Take it to a park where you can take off the leash and be free To run and play By the way you enjoy the green and some more pure air. And if he gets tired after so much physical activity, he will sleep more calmly and then wake up renewed. And maybe you too.

-If you live near the river or the sea, go ahead Take him to swim. Dogs often love water and remember that it is relaxing. In recent times, pet pools have emerged. If your budget allows, it may be an option to consider.

-Try also with music. Listening to calm melodies, especially classical ones, will also contribute to your relaxation.

-Try not to confuse it with contradictory attitudes. Agree with family members so that everyone emits the same type of signals to him.

It is obvious that the ideal would be to anticipate and find ways to avoid or reduce stress, Anguish or nerves. But it is not always possible.

Faced with specific events such as noise from the use of fireworks on certain holidays, they can be administered sedative drops Consult your veterinarian about the appropriate dose.

But other issues will require a lot of patience and a lot of love. Because as with people, it is no good to cover the symptom but to look for its cause and try to get things resolved.

If the problems persist, you should turn to a veterinarian to avoid health consequences of your pet in the long term.

It may be necessary for the massage to be applied by a professional. There are clinics specialized in the subject. Other possible treatments can be sought in homeopathy, Bach flowers or aromatherapy

There are homeopathic medicines that are effective, lack side effects and do not cause habituation or dependence.

They can also help pheromone necklaces and diffusers. It has been proven that these substances, which release bitches when breastfeeding their young, cause calming effects on dogs.

Maybe you should combine different treatments so your dog can calm down. But remember that the fundamental element will always be a word of affection and a caress in time.

Your own training

Dogs also get stressed. Relaxing caresses can help them relieve all kinds of tensions, control their cravings and hyperactivity and give them a dose of happiness. The most basic medicine of all. In just 10 minutes a day you can give your dog a "maintenance" of relaxing caresses.

Although dogs appreciate physical contact with us, it may happen that the way we pet them is not correct and for them it is somewhat abrupt and yet we believe that we are being as subtle as possible. If what you want is to relax a dog, avoid tickling, slapping or squeezing.

If you like to pet your dog, it will be positive that you learn the best way to do it and thus help you relax after a long day or, on the other hand, to start the day with "good leg".

Many people prefer to do it before going to bed, while others do it first thing in the morning. The result is the same, dogs do not care so much when you do it but do it. Of course, if you want to do a double batch, you will end up having a dog as relaxed as a yoga practitioner after a session.

How to start?

To start we will look for a blanket or towel for our dog to be placed on. It is very important, since the mere appearance of this tool will help you to associate in the long term that it is the time of the massages.

Start stroking your dog to relax at a general level. Use your fingers and the palm of your hand, relaxed but firm, to touch your dog's entire body very slowly. It runs from head to tail. Be sure to put all your attention and energy into it and focus on all layers, from the hair, through the skin, reaching the muscle and finally to the bone.

Stop and perform circular movements when you pass through the areas of the ears, under the chin, neck, armpits and chest. If you can do this while your dog sunbathesAfter a good walk, the effect will be more powerful. You can do it in the park but as we mentioned before, after the game and the ride. Otherwise, you will see that neither case makes you.

However, everything will depend on the dog and the time you have. Other people prefer to do so before leaving home, while enjoying morning coffee. The dog has slept all night and although he is awake, he has not yet been stimulated. With this we will help the dog learn that he can relax even when he is not tired.

Pet your dog to calm the nerves

If you are very nervous about something that has happened, relaxing caresses may help you reduce stress and divert your attention. In this case what we do is relax the nervous system with our approach. Flatten and rest the palm of your hand on your dog's head or neck. As we explained above, but this time without stopping in a particular area, make long passes and slow along the spine. Repeat several times and if you notice that your dog feels comfortable with this type of contact gradually increases the pressure. Avoid pressing the lower part of your back.

Your attitude while doing these caresses to calm your dog must be in accordance with what you want to achieve, that is, a relaxed and neutral position. As a final touch, rest a hand for a few minutes at the base of your dog's head and the other on the area of ​​the pelvis. These two zones control the relationship responses of the body and other important functions in the body such as: digestion, sleep and tissue repair. With this imposition we want reactivate the positive flow of spinal cord actions.

Leg relaxation

There is nothing better than stretching to relax. The leg area is an area that tends to be neglected, however, it is one of the keys to a dog's relaxation. Remember that like every creature, a dog holds all its weight and movements on all four legs, therefore, you are usually recharge tension, getting tired of the dog.

Start stroking your dog to relax the legs and do not forget the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, rub and squeeze (to warm) before stretching any area. Then start by stretching your legs, taking them by the back and then moving your joints. Go through every inch of his legs from top to bottom and, holding with all your hand, apply light pressure and then relax and continue. Remember not to be aggressive, firm but soft. Less is more. Dogs' paws are strong but not invincible.

Finally, support your dog by the hip and raise its hind legs, with this you will benefit the stretching and relaxation of your spine.

Test pet your dog to relax following all our indications and tell us the result. And if you want to know other techniques, do not miss our article in which we teach you to massage the dog's ears.

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Improve the conditions of your home

Many of the problems associated with stress are related to the situation of the dog in the home. Improving things like space, hygiene and noise, can help the dog to be calm and relaxed at home.

It is advisable that the dog live as comfortable as possible, have established schedules and follow up so that you get used to being alone and thus avoid separation anxiety.

Canine Massages

The same as us, Massage is a good way to relax a dog and create a mutual bond between the dog and its owner.. The shy dog ​​may not want to, but once you caress it and realize the effect, you will love it. Find classes or clinics near you that teach you to properly give your dog a massage.

Dogs are able to notice our mood. If you are nervous as a result of a bad situation, do not try to interact with your dog, you will get his anxiety worse.

Take a deep breath and try to be calm and calm when you want to play or pet your dog So he is also relaxed.

Exercise is important.

One of the causes that causes nervousness in dogs is not being able to eliminate the energy they have stored in their body. Exercise helps dogs to be relaxed, in addition to avoiding possible health problems.

For a dog to exercise, it is advisable that for long walks, run and play with other dogs in the park. Getting a dog used to interact with people and other animals will help him be more sociable and have a quieter state of mind.

Be constant

Dogs like routine. Dogs that have had a change of norms or routine in their lives can cause nervousness. For example, let him get on the couch and then not.

Maintain standards without making any drastic changes, so you will prevent the dog from getting nervous, this does not mean that you consent to all its whims.

Reward good behavior

If something can reduce a dog's anxiety and nerves it is reward him for good work and behavior. Positive reinforcement of your pet is beneficial for Help you understand what attitudes and behaviors are right.

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Nervousness symptoms

When a dog is very nervous, he shows it through easily recognizable gestures and attitudes. The problem appears when nervousness begins to affect health of your hairy

At first glance, an excited dog will not stop still for a second. Run, jump and move the tail violently. Also, if the nerves are caused by something they don't like, they can try to escape, develop dependence on their owners, experience tremors and even become aggressive.

Even your health may be impaired because, if the state of nerves does not improve, they can lose their appetite or suffer hair loss, for example. This is why it is so important to know some tricks to relax a very nervous dog and get balance it to improve your happiness and well-being.

1. Long and lime walks>

Many times the dog's nerves are because he has a lot energy that does not burn. One way to ensure that you are calm is to provide long, quality walks, always adapted to your pace and condition. Allow him to sniff trees and urine of all kinds (don't worry, if he is vaccinated you don't have to fear) since in this way they relax and know their surroundings.

Throughout the walk you must convey an active but relaxed attitude at the same time, avoid overexciting him or create anxiety of any kind. Although it is advisable to exercise on each walk, remember that some games (for example, ball) can create anxiety in the dog. Opt for obedience exercises, start it in agility or jog with it once you finish doing your needs. In addition, it is highly recommended that you can socialize with other dogs whenever possible.

2. Watch your own attitude

Your emotional state will be reflected in the dog, so you should be calm. Breathe easy and speak to him in a soft voice whenever possible and avoid punishment, especially when you are extremely excited.

Conversely, rewards calm attitudes, either at home or outside it. You can use food, but a caress or a kind word can also be very effective.

3. Avoid very active games at home

When you are at home it is better to practice quiet games, so that the dog understands that home is a relaxed space. You can buy intelligence toys for it. Activities that involve jumps and races we will leave for when we are in the park.

Do not forget that kong is an excellent tool to treat anxiety inside the home. It is a toy food dispenser that, due to its structure, makes it difficult for the dog to eat it all at once. This way, it will keep you entertained for a long time. In addition, it is excellent for combating separation anxiety.

If you are the owner of a dog and lately your pet shows a more nervous behavior than usual due to some change that has occurred in your life, do not worry, there is a natural and very effective solution that will relax you.

Like humans, pets can also be altered by any changes or circumstances that occur to them. Therefore, we must bear in mind that if our dog is more nervous or irritable than usual, we should not lose our cool, and we should look for the best solutions to return to normal.

In this sense, Many experts and veterinarians recommend Zylkene, a product 100% natural and very effective for the prevention or treatment of certain problems related to the behavior and behavior of our pets.

Zylkene is, in essence, a complementary food formulated from milk proteins, and that It comes in comfortable capsules that can be opened easily and administer about our dog's food.

In addition, this product can be used for both long and short periods of time, until our pet is fully recovered and has a completely normal behavior again.

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