All pets They need to be educated and trained when they get home. It is the way to make living together at home a success and so, we all be happy. If you have a Czechoslovakian wolf dog, we tell you what you should do to train him and make him an exemplary dog ​​at home.

The Czechoslovakian wolf dog is not for anyone

Are you thinking of having a Czechoslovakian wolfdog? You should know that not all races are worth to everyone, since they have different characters, energy levels, more or less empowered instincts ... In the case of the Czech wolf, the truth is that It is not the most appropriate pet if you have never had a dog or if you have had it but you do not know what life is like with this type of breed. The Czechoslovakian wolf dog needs an experienced owner who knows how to control him.

How to know if you are experienced enough to have a Czech wolfdog? The ideal person for this breed should:

  • Be affectionate, but don't spoil everything to your dog. Showing affection doesn't have to imply rude your dog!
  • Have experience in dog training, better if it has been any of similar characteristics.
  • Be able to show up as a leader in front of the dogs he has had.
  • Be aware of all responsibilities and obligations It implies having a dog.
  • Be willing and have the Enough time to give the Czechoslovakian wolf dog the exercise he needs.

Do you think you meet these conditions? Then you can adopt a dog of this breed without problem! Keep reading and you will know how to train it.

How to be the leader your dog needs

Breeds like the Czechoslovakian wolf dog they need an owner who knows how to position themselves as a leader And be disciplined. eye! This does not mean that you have to be violent or aggressive with the dog to obey, just it's about being firm in training. If not, these dogs will end up ignoring you. If you don't position yourself as a leader, he will! And this is what we want to avoid. Of course, this is not incompatible with training based on positive reinforcement.

In addition, this dog tends to choose a family member as leader of the pack, which will be the case most in terms of obedience. The rest of the family, if any, will be treated with affection and respect as part of the pack of which he feels part. But He will not obey anyone!

If you get the Czech dog to perceive you as a leader, you will have a great friend, brave, loyal, intelligent and easy to train. The perfect friend! To make it, Always use positive reinforcement, but be firm and consistent in everything you teach.

Also, you should know that training is very complicated if your dog is not happy. If you do not give him the love and daily exercise he needs, your dog will become anxious and sad, making his education difficult, because he will not be motivated. This would have a negative impact on their behavior.

Physical exercise and socialization

Two fundamental aspects in the life of any dog, but more so of the Czechoslovakian wolf dog. Both things require time and effort, but there is a clear advantage: they are compatible with each other! That is to say, at the same time that your dog is exercising, it can socializeThat is why the rides are a perfect opportunity to encourage both.

This dog breed is very active and curious, so a simple walk will not be enough. You will have to go out several times a day and not only walk, but also play and run. Further, It may be very good for you to do an extra physical exercise practicing some sport, either for dogs or with you: hiking, jogging or cycling ...

Keep in mind that if you live in a very urban environment, you should not have a dog with these characteristics. The Czech wolf needs to do all that exercise freely in a safe and more rural environment. A walk through the streets of a city is not enough and will be overwhelmed.

As for socialization, after 2 months and when you have all your vaccines, you should start interacting with other people and animals. But be careful! You must select them well, the Czechoslovakian wolf dog does not accept anyone, it can be a little suspicious. The sooner you start showing socialization as something positive, the easier it will be to curb that instinct for self-protection.

Czechoslovakian wolf dog training

These dogs They are very intelligent, curious and have a great memory, so your learning ability is huge. But if the training sessions are too long or repetitive, they tend to get bored and lose interest!

It is best to do short sessions and present new challenges as you learn the orders. Of course, from time to time you will have to review the orders learned a long time ago so that you do not forget them, but do not stagnate for too long in the same. This dog You need to feel constant curiosity, so you have to offer new games and stimuli.

When the Czech dog keeps the interest, it is really rewarding to train him!

Have you ever trained a dog with these characteristics?

How to train a Czechoslovakian wolf dog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is not made to live locked in a flat or house, it needs a lot of space and to be able to exercise daily. If it is loose through the garden you have to watch that it does not escape, since these animals can reach climbing fences up to two meters high. On the other hand it is also not convenient to have it tied to a tree.


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History and origin of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This breed is of recent data, its mixture began to be induced in the year 1955. Being a wolf mix with dog, the Czechoslovakian wolf dog has about 30/40% genetic load from the Wolf of the Carpathians, which is why they closely resemble. However, in terms of personality, it looks more like the German Shepherd, being a faithful dog with a character that makes it good for workouts.

The reason why it was sought to give life to this new breed was because the Czechoslovak army, at that time plunged into the cold war, wanted a dog to help monitor the borders of its republic and work alongside its soldiers to protect the nation. Hence the fact that some call the Czechoslovakian wolf dog "working dog”.

At that time it was sought to obtain the best qualities of the German Shepherd such as his predisposition to dog training, his cunning and his intelligence, among others, and also some qualities of the wolf such as his loyalty, his good health, his endurance at temperatures Low and unfavorable weather conditions.

By 1982 the race had already settled and had held the position of the national race banner of the still existing at that time Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia, and shortly thereafter It was accepted by the International Canine Federation (FDI) in 1999.

Currently, Los Carbos Wolves are no longer mixed with German Shepherds to obtain this breed. In our time the offspring of Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs are extended by mating with each other to ensure its greatest qualities to many generations.

Physical characteristics of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

These canines are quite large, in a way the Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog has dimensions that resemble a square, which means that they are as long as they are tall. This is because it has thin, elongated and very strong front legs, which can be very close to each other, the truth is that they are not usually very muscular compared to the hind legs, which are equally long but with greater musculature and fur.

Usually The Czechoslovakian wolf dog is gray, going between the yellow and silver tones. His facial mask, regardless of the shades, is a light color, and his eyes are usually yellow.

Its tail is tall and leafy and its hair, in general, is straight, thick and straight, which changes depending on the season of the year in which it is found. In the winter it covers the neck of the Czechoslovakian wolf dog, leaving it free in summer, so it is very common to release a lot of hair when it is moving from one season to another.

As for its height this is usually of:

  • Males: Between 65 and 67 centimeters.
  • Females: Between 60 and 63 centimeters.

And its weight ranges from:

  • Males: approximately 26 kilos.
  • Females: approximately 20 kilos.

All this depending, of course, on the diet you take.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Temperament

The Czechoslovakian wolf dog is a dog that has a pleasant temperament, provided that he is well educated and constantly stimulated both physically and mentally.

They are energetic dogs, they tend to be very devoted to their owner and see him as the head of their pack. He is not very aggressive, unless he is taken to it, since he is a brave dog. They do not usually bark much and rather tend to silence. For this reason, they are not very likely to socialize with other dogs that are very busy. Check our blog if you want to discover why some dogs howl.

They enjoy great walks, especially when they have room to run and walk free, because the Czechoslovakian wolf dog especially enjoys freedom and normally you don't have to worry about escaping, because they are very faithful dogs that greatly value their master and they would never dare to get too far away (unless they see their lives threatened).

It is important to emphasize that the Czechoslovakian wolf dog really needs to be stimulated mentally, since for him it is important to feel that it is useful in the pack. It is because of that can serve to work as a watchman, tracker, shepherd on some farm, etc.

As love and concern for their master are part of their character, they are dogs that do not get along with abandonment, change of ownership and even long distances, they they value the company immensely and especially that of its owner, so if they were to go through something like that, it is very likely that he will change his temper by becoming aggressive and lonely.

The Czechoslovakian wolf dog usually he has a very strong hunter instinct, so it is important that, if you want to live with other dogs, cats or any other animal, and especially if it is small, it will be introduced since it is a puppy.

Apart from that, the character of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is shy, being important that they strengthen their social skills as a puppy, not only with other dogs and animals, but also with other people outside their family circle.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and children

It has never been highly recommended to leave very young children alone with dogs, no matter how friendly they are, you never know when something can happen that the dog can not handle, simply because they do not have the ways and understanding that a human being.

This does not mean that it is wrong to leave children in the presence of a dog, on the contrary, They can be great friends and very good caregivers, but it is important to monitor it at all times.

As for the Czechoslovakian wolf dog, it is necessary to be more aware of their children when they are together, not for fear that it may become aggressive, but because it is a large dog that can hurt a small child without wanting to.

Necessary care of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

It is very common that the Czechoslovakian wolf dog loose a lot of hair, so it is not recommended for people who suffer from allergies or dislike these kinds of things. However, if there is no problem with it, it is a really wonderful dog.

Care is to give the dog a daily brushing if it is winter and, if it is summer, he will need to brush at least twice a week.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog does not require continuous baths, in fact, it is recommended that he only bathe when he gets dirty significantly.

On the other hand, it is not recommended that the Czechoslovakian wolf dog be confined to the garden, patio or any room. He is a social dog and, considering his family as part of his pack, it is vital for the animal to always be close to them. You can be very calm, silent and obedient depending on your education, and thanks to this you have no problems being in flats, apartments or small houses.

But this can only happen if the Czechoslovakian wolf dog is constantly exercising outside, not doing so and not being properly educated can become destructive.

As for food, no one in particular is strictly necessary, but many experts suggest that they be provided with raw meat, since it has a particular intestine that needs a bacteria present in raw meat and that would help you always have optimal health .

Only for experienced owners

As with many energetic dog breeds, the possession of a Czechoslovakian wolf dog is not recommended for less experienced owners. But what does this mean, how many dogs do you need to have previously had?

Since this information refers to several dog breeds we will try to interpret it properly. This will allow you evaluate your capacity for training that requires a Czechoslovakian wolf dog.

A dog that needs an experienced owner will need a person who:

  • Do not manifest love towards your dog in the form of absence of limits.
  • You have successfully applied the basic guidelines for canine training in another dog.
  • Be fully aware (and from your own experience) of all the responsibilities of having a dog.
  • He was able to provide his previous dogs with the amount of physical exercise they required.

Become a reference figure for your dog

In dog training dog obedience is key, but a Czechoslovakian wolf dog will not follow anyone, you should know that its similarities with the wolf are not only physical, but also behavioral.

This type of dog will adopt a single member of the human family as a guide and treat others respectfully as if they were part of the pack and always acting for the benefit of it, just as wolves do. When a Czechoslovakian wolf dog recognizes its reference figure, the attachment it develops towards it is amazing, loyalty and obedience they appear as predominant characteristics and training is facilitated.

How to be the best guide for your dog? It is no secret but it is especially important in this case, no punishment or reproach, you should only use positive reinforcement. You should also keep in mind that the worst punishment for a Czechoslovakian wolf dog is to remain isolated, this means that It is not a dog that can spend long hours alone at home Not a suitable dog to keep in a single home space.

Life expectancy of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has excellent health, normally does not have hereditary conditions except for the discoloration of the hip, which surely must come from the German Shepherd.

But the truth is that the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, whenever he is constantly exercising, both mentally and physically and in the company of his family, should have an estimated life span of between 13 and 15 years of age, normally.

A period of socialization very cu>

The socialization of the Czechoslovakian wolf dog by the human family must start after 2 months, when the dog has received the necessary vaccinations and deworming and has been previously educated in a basic way by his mother.

During the socialization stage this dog should be in contact with other people, other dogs and other animals, but be careful, not everything goes with the Czechoslovakian wolf dog, we must first make sure that you are experiences will be positive, and you have to select these new stimuli very well.

The Czechoslovakian wolf dog will try to stay out of any unknown situation and that according to his perception could involve some kind of danger, this means that if he is exposed to negative situations during his socialization, the rest of it will be a challenge for the owner truly complex.

Physical exercise is essential.

Surely we are not telling you anything new, every dog ​​needs physical exercise for various reasons and this is an element that should be part of the dog training, because it will facilitate its assimilation.

The peculiarity here is that the Czechoslovakian wolf dog does not use any type of exercise: it needs long walks, yes, but in a natural environment and in full freedom. This will take several training sessions as it should be able to answer your call, but the purpose is to be able to offer you this type of exercise.

It is important that you know this, because if you live in an area far away from a natural and wild space, you should not adopt a dog with these characteristics.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Education and Training

The type of education of the Czechoslovakian wolf dog must be based on a positive training class in which it tries to explain its place in the pack and the hierarchy it possesses, far removed from the entrenched domination, which can trigger a power struggle that It is not recommended at all.

The use of clicket training to help shape their behavior without causing inconvenience of any kind and, if possible, the use of professional dog education.

But especially it is recommended that the owner has experience with other dogs, so that it is not very difficult to understand the majestic Czechoslovakian wolf dog.

You can also check in our blog the article on how to train a puppy for more information.

How should the Czechoslovakian wolf dog training sessions be?

The Czechoslovakian wolf dog owns a great intelligence, memory and learning abilityTherefore, it is very possible that you get bored and lose interest easily in very long or repetitive training sessions.

The sessions should be short and once you have learned a new order or exercise, although it will be necessary to remind you, you should also be offered new stimuli and challenges.

The basic training of a Czechoslovakian wolf dog is more complex than that of other breeds, not because it lacks capabilities, but precisely because of its intelligence, since it is a dog that needs understand the purpose of what you are being asked to feel interested and also make the goal yours.

If you want to read more articles similar to Czechoslovakian wolf dog training, we recommend that you enter our section of Basic Education.

Regular prices of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

As in the case of any canine, its price will depend on the country where it is located or searched. raise the Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy.

In addition, it is important to know if this breed, which is still new, has caretakers in the country where the potential owner of a Czechoslovakian wolf dog is found, since being a very young breed, it is likely that it does not have a presence there.

In general, being a modern and special breed, it usually has a price between 800 and 1,300 euros / 900 and 1,000 dollars, if they come from a professional caregiver. And if it is from a private individual, they usually range between 400 and 1,000 euros / 500 and 1,100 dollars.

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is an excellent wolfdog, perhaps it is one of the ones that most resemble wolves among all the existing races.

It is majestic, huge and very faithful. It is, without a doubt, one of the most wanted dogs among wolf enthusiasts, since it also has all the charm of the German Shepherd.

The truth is It is a special breed and their owners must have experience with other canines and possess physical and mental strength to understand and be able to handle a dog of this magnitude.

Also, it is important that the person has time to be in the company of this beautiful animal, it is vital that he always feels part of the family. Often, many owners of a Czechoslovakian wolf dog usually have more than one dog (it is recommended that it be another copy of this breed), to allow more freedom.

After having weighed all this, it is important that you analyze if you are really willing and aware of what it means to have a dog like this, since it is a dog that will be with you for a lifetime and will love you forever, because does not support abandonment.

If after a good thought you want to move on, congratulations on your decision. This he is a wonderful dog with which he will form emotional bonds that will transcend in the lives of both.

You can also consult the guides of the Border Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog breeds in our blog.