How to cut your dog's spurs


The spur is the nail that grows on the back of the paw of some dogs. It is not yet known what utility it has, but care must be taken to avoid causing problems for our friend, because it can grow improperly, causing infections, as well as difficulty walking correctly.

So that does not happen, we explain how to cut the spurs to a dog In a simple way.

Before cutting your friend's spurs, It is very important that you be calm, otherwise you would get nervous and it would be impossible to cut them. If necessary, breathe slowly for 10 seconds several times. Only when you have managed to calm down, take special pliers to cut the nails of the dogs or a nail file, and take your friend to a room where you can be calm, without anyone bothering you.

Now, turn it on its side, while caressing it. Once it is, take your leg, and stroke it for a few seconds. After that time, separate the spur and cut only the tip. It is very important not to cut too much, since there are blood vessels inside the nail. In case you use the file, you will have to hold the leg firmly (without harming it). Little Lima, just enough so that this nail does not touch the ground when the dog stands up. When you're done, give him a prize for his good behavior.

In the event that blood, Rub the area with astringent dust to cut the bleeding, and squeeze the area with a sterile gauze. Then, sell your leg to prevent it from being licked. And if still bleeding, go immediately to the veterinarian to check the wound and give him an analgesic and an antibiotic. In a short time it will run well again, you will see it 😉.

If after reading this article you do not finish feeling capable or are afraid to cut too much, take it to a dog groomer or veterinarian so that they take care of leaving your friend's nails perfect.

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Today we are going to tell you How to cut the spurs of your dog. We know that this type of care gives us many headaches, but you should not neglect them if you want to have your dog well taken care of and great.

We are going to tell you how you could do it from home, as long as you are very careful, ok?

What is a ram

He spur It is a nail that is on the side of the back legs of your dog, very close to the ankle. Not all dogs have it, and it is important that you know that it is a part of the canine anatomy that does not fulfill any biological function.

There is much controversy about whether or not to remove it surgically. But unless the ram bothers him, prevents him from walking well or gives him any kind of problems, I strongly believe in not unnecessarily subjecting your dog to an operation. At first, with cutting the ram is enough.

How to cut the spurs on your dog

First, you must make sure that your dog has spurs, since not all breeds have. To start with the canine manicure session, the best way to do it is to take your dog and put it aside, so you can control his body well, and he will be lying down and comfortable. Once like that, put yourself on it, and caress your hairy legs so he relaxes.

It is very important that before starting you have on hand the special scissors, some gauze and astringent dust in case you made pupa. If you have everything close, you won't have to move while you have your dog in the grip.

Take the pliers or scissors to cut your dog's nails. Use the dominant and most skillful hand to grab the scissors, and with the other lift the leg of your hairy. The best thing to do it perfectly and without risks is to separate the spur from the rest of the leg.

Now have very careful not to make any cuts in the internal area of ​​the nail, there are many blood vessels and capillaries and you could cause bleeding. With caution and safety, proceed to cut the tip of the ram.

If there were any accidents, and you cut your dog by mistake, take the astringent dust and bandage the leg to cut the bleeding, if after a while you see that it does not stop, do not hesitate and immediately take the veterinarian to your partner.

It's time to cut your dog's spurs!

First of all you need some good ones for this process Special pliers to cut this type of nails. It is very important that your dog is calm and so are you, because if you are not going to transmit your nervousness.

Choose a quiet place where your pet feels relaxed, If you don't feel able to do it yourself, you can ask someone who is also your dog's trust for help.

Put your dog on its side and while you must caress him and talk to him with love, tell him that nothing happens. Put on as much as you can lying on your dog and caress his legs. With the pliers in hand, you must grab your pet's leg and lift it slightly. Then separate the spur from the leg and with the pliers trim the tip of the ram.

But remember that you should only cut the tip and not the inside of the nail, since in that part there are blood vessels that if you cut you can cause bleeding in their legs.

One step that you cannot miss when trimming your dog's spurs is reward it once the process is over. This way it will behave better the next times you have to cut the spurs of your dog.

If you do not feel capable enough or hesitate to do it well, it is preferable that choose a professional to do it for you, What happens is that maybe your dog will get more nervous and the process will be even more difficult for him.

What to do if your dog bleeds?

If by mistake you get to cut the skin of your dog's paw, it is very important that you do not get upset or get nervous, since it will be but the whole process. Rub the area immediately with astringent dust or another product to cut the bleeding. With a sterile gauze squeeze the area where he is bleeding and immediately after he places a bandage to prevent your pet from licking the wound.

But if you see that it doesn't stop bleeding, You must take your dog to the vet. There they will check the spur and trim it if necessary. The most common is to give it a analgesic in the wound and your dog will be given an antibiotic so that the affected area is not infected.

Do not worry about the spur because it will grow again, although sometimes they tend to get weaker and will be more likely to break.