How to prevent cats from defecating in the garden - here we explain


There are many people who, when they get home, observe feces or plants torn out in their garden. Maybe they even watch a cat resting quietly. The cat is an independent and daring mammal that will not hesitate to use your lawn as a toilet or scraper of size XL. If this is your problem read on to know what you can do to prevent a cat from entering your garden.

Natural repellents for the cat

If your neighbor's cat has a habit of using your garden for different purposes, it will be very difficult to throw it out friendly. The cat considers that your flowerbed is a comfortable area where you can make your needs or leave a dead bird as a gift.

If you are fed up, the best option will be to try use natural repellents easy to apply and safe to prevent the cat from entering the garden:

  • Water: Cats are not exactly friends with water. Installing sprinklers or watering your garden regularly will cause displeasure. In the market you can even find electronic devices with motion sensor that throw water jets.
  • Citrus: Citrus smells like lemon or orange are especially uncomfortable for cats. Avoid entering your garden by filling a spray can with the juice of these fruits, you can also leave the husks for the areas you usually use by changing them every 2 or 3 days.
  • Caution with food: If you suspect that he goes to your home in search of food, seal the trash bags that you may have abroad.
  • Lavender and Thyme: Installing this type of plants will not only beautify your garden but it is also an extra that will make the walk through your property even more irritating.
  • Ground coffee: Spreading the dust through the garden is a good recommendation according to many people who have suffered the same problem as you.

The combination of these natural repellents can finally free you from uncomfortable visits and prevent the cat from entering your garden. If after using all these tricks you still have the same problem, read on.

Other cat repellents

We have recommended the use of natural products since many commercial or other repellents can cause serious cat health problems and also cause sterility in your garden.

If you are still determined to end the presence of cats since none of the previous remedies have worked for you, you can use some of these ideas to prevent the cat from entering your garden:

  • Black pepper, cayenne, tabasco or chili: These elements are of natural origin but still, from Expert Animal, we do not recommend their use since if they come in contact with the cat's eyes, serious injuries and loss of vision can occur.
  • Terrain Roughness: If you have an area of ​​special predilection you can add around stones, mistletoe leaves or other material that makes it difficult for the cat to access.
  • Commercial repellents: In stores you will find various types of repellents for cat, dog, rat. It is important that you inform yourself of how to use it.

Make the most powerful repellent yourself To prevent the cat from entering your garden by following these steps:

  1. Get a cardboard box or similar.
  2. Make small holes all over the surface.
  3. Enter inside: anti-moth balls, garlic cloves, orange peels and commercial repellents.
  4. Properly close the box with adhesive tape.
  5. Use one or several boxes in the busiest areas of the cat.

Using electrified fences, ultrasound or toxic products is totally discouraged and should not be allowed. It can happen to you that some of these elements end up not only harming an animal but a small child as well.

Remember that a cat does not understand like a human what is right and what is not, and devoid of its natural environment must adapt to large urbanizations, towns and cities.

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How do I prevent cats from defecating in the garden?

This should be one of the most frequent questions in caregivers, especially when cats defecate in the garden regularly.

Although it may seem a lie, when a caregiver is facing these types of situations, it is very important that you avoid having cats defecate in the garden, because stool of cats in particular can be very harmful and toxic. If it is not eliminated, the plants that it has in that space, may even never grow.

Solutions to prevent cats from defecating in the garden

Luckily for you, there are lots of solutions to prevent cats from defecating in the garden. So pay close attention to the following information that we will provide.

Of course, although not all the mechanisms that we will explain below are 100% effective, the important thing is that you try some of them until you get the expected success.

The first step to prevent cats from defecating in the garden is based on the evaluation from space. Is it a large open space? Are there specific areas that are targeted? Are there many obstacles? Among other things you should consider.

Only then can you determine which product will be the most suitable. For example, if you have a lot of ornaments in your garden, then a device ultrasonic sound It may not be viable, since you cannot capture the movement, while if you have an open space, this type of device will be of use.

But let's not wait any longer, so take pencil and paper and start taking note of these interesting options that will help you prevent cats from defecating in the garden.

1 | Cat repellents

| Cat repellents

Always remember to check the content of the product before using it. Some pills and herbal products could be toxic After long-term exposure and lead to fatal consequences.

Because most people are not sure of the chemicals that can cause this problem, it is best to opt for organic products, remember that the intention is to prevent cats from defecating in the garden, not damaging the plants.

Most pellet cat repellents are biodegradable and will not cause any harm to felines, plants or soil.

However, they will require frequent application. Pellets are very effective if you are trying to block small patches of flowers or specific areas of your garden.

If you have a garden full of obstacles, then they can be very effective in preventing cats from defecating in it.

2 | Ultrasonic scarers

| Ultrasonic scarers

The ultrasonic repellents Cats are the most common way to scare away felines from a garden, and they are very effective in large open spaces.

When these devices detect the movement they will activate and project a frequency That is very unpleasant for cats. Some ultrasound devices also have infrared activation, which will activate the sound when they detect heat.

Without a doubt it is an excellent option to prevent cats from defecating in the garden.

3 | Water jet sprayers

| Water jet sprayers

Another of the most effective options to prevent cats from defecating in the garden, are the water sprinklers. These devices can be hidden between plants, flowers or simply placed in the center of the garden to spray a burst of water light when they detect movement.

Water drives off to cats and, after a while, will prevent them from approaching the area you want to keep protected.

Herbs and spices They can be planted in the middle of problem areas to confuse the cat's senses. Plants such as lavender and curry have stronger odors, which most cats find in bad taste, sometimes their presence is all that is required to prevent cats from defecating in the garden.

The nails and wire netting They are not the most popular options, as they can hurt cats. However, there are human alternatives made of plastic that does not cause any injury.

General tips to prevent cats from defecating in the garden

Many times it is believed that the only option to prevent cats from defecating in the garden is the repellents, but it is not like that.

If you take these tips into account, even the most powerful tools can be disabled.

    Remove cat poop as soon as you see it. Cats usually return to the same place and if they know about their poop in that place, then it will increase their chances> While these tips are unlikely to work on their own, we are sure they will increase the likelihood of being avoided Let the cats defecate in the garden.

You must know

Consent to our pets should be one of our spriorities when we have animals, but as we explained before it is very important to prevent cats from defecating in the garden, because the feces excrement when agglomerated in large quantities, can be a precursor to a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii.

When this parasite is exposed to humans it can lead to quite serious health problems. The symptoms are similar to the flu, but they can last for months.

We hope that this article has been of your interest, remember that our writings are purely informative, so our recommendation is that you take your pet to a veterinary consultation to rule out any type of illness. Remember healthy pet, happy pet.

How to keep cats away from your garden

While it is true that there are many repellents in the market that they promise to move the cats away from the garden, the results are not infallible, since these cute little animals respond to repellents in different ways. Whether they are alien cats or their own, many times they are a bit naughty and we need keep them away or scare them away of certain areas.

In today's note we will talk about several homemade tricks and some quite effective techniques that will allow us to move the cats away from the garden in general and from our beloved plants: tricks so that the cats do not eat the plants, so that they do not enter the garden and so that they do not make wells in the earth at the time of making their needs , I hope they serve you!

Prevent cats from using the garden as a bathroom

It is well known that cats are unpredictable and very territorial animals, so keep the cats away from the garden or from certain areas of it, it can be a somewhat complicated task.

Cats mark their territory by means of the pheromone deposit of the scent glands (in common words: they make “pipiв or [urinate]), this makes them revisit that area while their smell persists. So, although it is a difficult task, if our garden has been visited by cats, we should remove feces and part of the substrate For try thus eliminate the smell that marks its territory.

Once this is done, we can spray some repellent (commercial or homemade) and hope that the kitten does not return. But let's go to more effective options than just hope:

  • We can place one metal mesh in the area below the substrate, this prevents cats from scratching and digging the ground to use the area as their sandbox “.
  • We can move the cats away from the garden or from a particular area by placing a inorganic mulch like stones, pebbles or similar materials, the “mininos” tend to stay away from these areas.
  • Another option is to use cut citrus (lemons, oranges, etc.), we simply place them in the area that the kitten wants to use as a bathroom, they don't like the smell of citrus fruits so we can scare them away.

Prevent cats from eating plants

If the problem happens because your cat or the neighbor's cat is eating your plants, there are some things you could try, although you should always remember that nothing is infallible when we talk about cats.

The beautiful felines in question, hate getting wet (or at least the vast majority), it is also a characteristic known to others. Therefore, we can use water to move cats away from the garden in two different ways:

  • One is to spray them with the garden hose or some water gun at the moment that we see it approaching the plant in question or that we grab it “infraganti” nibbling on it.
  • The other option is to use a “aspersor with motion sensor”. This type of technology helps us to remove the cats from the garden in a more automatic way and that does not require our supervision, since when it detects the movement, it will release the flow of water, wetting it and scaring it.

If we have already identified what plant the cat likes, we can try to repel it by placing other plants that emit odors that felines find offensive, among these plants we find for example the Canine Coleus, whose correct scientific name is “Plectranthus caninus” and that nor it only scares cats but also dogs, and rue, lavender, rosemary and pennyroyal are also recommended.

Another alternative is to allocate a place in the garden that if it can be visited by the kitten and where it is welcome and there to plant a species that its palate loves: catnip, whose scientific name is: “Cane Nepeta”.

Move cats away from the garden or yard

To remove the cats from the ground of our garden or patio, we can use substances that are offensive to them spreading them in the area, for example, cayenne pepper leaves, you can also use a commercial repellent or citrus sprays that seem to work very good.

In this case, it is also advised to move the cats away from the garden with plants that they do not like. We can, for example, plant several rosemary plants around the perimeter of the lawn. Cats hate rosemary, so they will usually stay away from the place. Here also the sprinklers with motion detector mentioned in the previous point are useful.

Homemade cat repellent

As I said, there are many cat repellents on the market that can help us in our task of driving them away from the garden, many for example, use citronella, since it is not only safe, but also removes other undesirable animals. However you can make your own repellent for homemade cats.

There is a very simple recipe that only contains a mixture of rosemary and water. We will spray in the areas where they are giving us problems or in the whole perimeter of the garden, it all depends on how far we want them.

Other recipes for cat repellents

There is another recipe but it is important that you know that should not be added directly on the foliage of plants, since he would kill them because it contains vinegar. It is only for use on surfaces such as a deck, the floor, the edges of the pots, the furniture, etc…

Clarified this, here is the recipe and preparation of this homemade cat repellent:

  • In three cups of boiling water add 3 tablespoons of cinnamon, 3 tbsp. of dried lavender and 3 tbsp. Rosemary
  • Cover the bowl and let it rest all night.
  • After this time, transfer it to another container hanging it through a cloth strainer or fine metal mesh.
  • Add now three quarters of a cup of vinegar and 15 drops of orange essential oil.
  • Mix well, place it in a sprayer and spray has been said!

Another recipe is obtained by mixing in a liter of water, 10 drops of lemon oil + 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. Nor should we spray it on the plants (although some support it) and much less on the cats.

Finally, I tell you that others home remedies that help us keep garden cats away they include citrus peels, pepper (especially black and cayenne), “Chile” powder, vinegar and also, rub onions on the area in question, although the latter would only apply to pots or similar surfaces .

The truth is that I love cats, they seem to me as adorable as dogs, but I must admit that they may not be very compatible with the garden, so I am not aware of these alternatives, tricks and techniques that allow us to move cats away from the garden or from our favorite plants.