The best toys for dogs according to the breeds


These are the four types of toys that best favor the development of dogs

The dogs They are the most faithful pet of the human being and one of the fundamental aspects to take care of them is that they can have fun. For this there are four main types of toys that are used by dogs: shooting, search, intelligence and teethers.

The shooting toys they are the different ropes that are used for humans to play with dogs. People take one end of the rope and the dog bites the other to try to make strength. Of course, people should try not to go over with what they do so as not to cause damage to the dog's mouth.

Then there are the search toys and I know where the balls or the flying discs are. It interacts with dogs by throwing these objects so that the dogs come to look for them. With these toys the training of dogs is improved.

There are also the intelligence toys, with which it is intended to improve the ability to concentrate dogs. They are those that require concentration and mental agility on the part of animals, which are usually rewarded when they meet the proposed challenge.

Finally there are the teether toys, which are used to release the stress load of the dog. These are objects that dogs can bite without fear for destroying them or for ingesting a material that is dangerous for their health.

The importance of the game for dogs

The game is a very important activity for the dog, since through it develop different physical, psychological and emotional skills. Today it is known that many different animals, including birds, use the game to practice survival situations and to entertain themselves.

During the game process, the dog manipulates the objects it uses by performing different movements that show its limits and what it is capable of doing, resulting very interesting for the development of new behaviors.

What type of toy is suitable for my dog?

You should choose toys for your dog based on their age, race and size. For example, for a dog with a lot energy will be adequate a toy that allows you to spend it, such as balls or disks to throw or hide. On the other hand, a toy that provides a quiet and relaxed entertainment will suffice for a quiet dog.

Avoid tennis balls, since they are made with fiberglass that will destroy your dog's teeth. There are specific balls on the market for them that will provide them with the same fun without being dangerous. It is important that you buy approved toys to ensure the safety of your dog.

Puppy Toys

Puppies need soft toys that do not spoil their baby teeth and provide them with cognitive entertainment at the beginning of their learning.

These little ones have a great need to bite, so it's a good idea to choose a good approved teether, which in addition to satisfying your biting instinct, will help strengthen your jaw and dentures. You will find different models in the market:

    Kong Binkie. This bite of the prestigious Kong brand is specific to puppies and one of the best known> Toys for small breeds

Depending on the breed of your dog, some toys will be more suitable than others. For the most active, rubber or vinyl toys are very resistant. Always choose toys designed for dogs and of good quality, since they are studied to be bitten and a good brand assures you that they will not give off toxic products. Remember that good brand products are more expensive but also safer and more durable. We will always look for small toys that fit your jaw.

  • If your dog is very active, the Frisbees (flying discs) you will love it. The specific ones for dogs are made of natural rubber and also float on water. Opt for one of these, since plastic ones will damage your teeth.
  • The rubber balls they are very funny> Toys for medium and large breeds

We will also look for toys of adequate size for your jaw, since if they are too small you could swallow them and if they are too large they will be too heavy or difficult to catch.

In reality, the toys are basically the same as for the other dogs, but of different size and resistance. You must opt ​​for resistant materials such as rubber. Make sure it is 100% natural rubber. Those of vinyl. Be careful with those of rope because they will fray soon.

It is essential that you know your dog well to provide the most suitable toys for him. Smart races will have a lot of fun with toys to throw and be hidden, as well as with intelligence games. Everything that stimulates your mental activity will be welcome. If your dog has a lot of energy, choose objects that make him run. Also look for toys with which you can practice in your training. For example, motivators or strips of rope are ideal for practicing grip and release games.