Mini Pincher: how they are and what care they need


The miniature pincher is known>

Items you will need:

• Towel
• Dog shampoo
• Nail clipper

Step 1. Provide cu>

Step 2. Feed it twice a day with a high-quality dog ​​food that has meat as the main ingredient. Avoid foods that contain lots of fillers such as corn. Because of the small size of your mouth, it is better to give soft foods and portions that fit in your mouth. Follow the instructions on the food container or check with the veterinarian how much you should give each meal. Provide plenty of water.

Step 3. Clean your body with a cloth soaked in warm water once a week to remove dirt and loose hair. Bathe it with warm water and a mild shampoo when necessary, being careful to rinse it thoroughly with plenty of water to avoid skin irritation. Trim your nails once a month with a nail clipper giving a small cut to avoid hurting it, if necessary you can go to a professional hairdresser.

Step 4. It is good to make daily walks with your pet for at least 30 minutes as well as allow him to perform tug-of-war games or recovery. Stimulate your dog's mind along with physical exercise.

Step 5. Show him that you are the family leader. Don't let him jump over without permission or do what he pleases. Consider attending basic obedience classes with a qualified coach. Dogs of small breeds that are treated as helpless babies and allowed to do what they please, sometimes decide that they are the main house and quickly leads them to show negative behaviors.

Warning. The miniature Pincher have very thin legs and fragile bodies. Never let anyone say>


Mini Pincher puppies should be educated from a very young age, as well as other breeds. The method of rewards and punishments is one of the most widespread and truly efficient. It's about scolding your dog at the right time, with a strong tone of voice and, if necessary, with a leash. It is not recommended to hit any animal but this breed much less, since you can breed an aggressive and nervous Mini Pincher that attacks everything that moves. Be very careful with the training of races like this.

Miniature Pincher Dog Health

The Mini Pincher dog breed is very prone to suffer Heart problems. It is not a problem that leads directly to death but if they influence your blood circulation and may suffer sudden fainting that will keep you unconscious for a few seconds. The scare for the dream is huge clear.

- Heatstroke :

It affects this breed a lot but the same happens with everyone. You can not leave a dog without shade and less in the summer season. In case of heat stroke or heat stroke the dog will manifest vomiting, diarrhea and even fainting. It is essential to take it urgently to the veterinarian or put it in a bathtub of cold water with water to the neck.

The most common is pollen allergy. It usually occurs in the form of excessive tearing of eyes and sneezing.

- Constipation:

Very common in some dog breeds like this. It is usually fixed with a change of diet by adding slightly cooked vegetables in the diet, wet food and, if necessary, a teaspoon of oil can help reactivate the digestive system of the animal.

As you will see, the Mini Pincher or Miniature Pincher It is a most normal dog when it comes to care, so it can become a great companion for any family or an exemplary pet that helps us keep our house under control.


I have my mini pincher, he is beautiful possessive, I enjoy his cheerful character is a new companion with whom I hope, write many stories and always accompany me, I like to get home and know that my little one is waiting for me. Since my little boxer Sheila left a year ago after giving me full fidelity for 13 years

I really liked your comments ... they helped me ... I would like to know more about mini pincher ... thanks

I have a Doberman Pincher named Barbie: D She is a very loyal dog, & she always waits for my dad & me at the window of the house, he even knows the time we arrived :,) & when I still don't get up, She sits beside the bed waiting for me to get up, there was one day, that I got sick in my ear cannon, & I was lying all day, & here without being a liar, she didn't get up at all from the sofa. The

I have a mini black pincher of almost 3 years, I do not know how Acer to cross it because he rides the males and is not left, is very good, obedient, smart, playful and clean, it is the second one I have and I also have an English bulldog that is the best dog in the world, that does protect the pekeña, but having a mini pincher can be said that it is the best dog that a person can have, because it is amazing how smart and playful they are, but that is how You want, as you are in the mood, the dog will be the same, they are the best

I have a Doberman Pincher named Barbie: D She is a very loyal dog, & she always waits for my dad & me at the window of the house, he even knows the time we arrived :,) & when I still don't get up, She sits beside the bed waiting for me to get up, there was one day, that I got sick in my ear cannon, & I was lying all day, & here without being a liar, she didn't get up at all from the sofa. I love her too much! She is 5 years old: ’) My aunt gave her to me when my puppy Nelson died, she lasted 3 years with us: c My father ran over him on Father's Day, and his little tips came out, I cried super ugly! & before Nelsn, I had a dog named Greco 7u7 lasted 11 years with me :,).
Barbie, I hope it lasts a long time with us, although my mom & my sister don't love them XD.
Greetings from Salamanca Gto: 3

Hi, I recently had a mini pincher of 3 months but this week she has been vomiting and she goes to the sides I don't know what it could be that took her to the vet this bi one moment to another they return us

I also have one of 1 month and a half there and when I brought it to my house I also vomit and recently it seems that I broke my leg and I'm afraid something good will happen to him I hope it served you bye

I have a 4 month mini Pincher and it is very vague and mordelona. But very intelligent and obedient. Thanks the information has been very useful.

I have a puppy like this for 5 years and they are super faithful! He is very cute and obedient and although he is a little trasto he is the best dog in the world * ___ *

My puppy is suffering from an allergy I think because the bear swells my eyes and I don't know why someone tells me ..

Hello, I would like to know how much time the jealousy of the mini pincher dogs arrives?

What a good page thanks for your recommendations

Good morning I just bought a mini pincher yesterday, it was very good but today it has a lot of dry cough ... What can it be? He has two and a half months. Greetings

The zeal usually comes at 7 months or so

Hi, I have a three-month mini pincher, and he doesn't pay attention to me. He just wants to play, he always needs to be out of the newspaper, how can I do to make all this change?

Take it to the place where you want it to do the needs when you see that it is looking for a place to do and just when you see that it is about to take it and take it. And tell him that there is the right place.

My pincher dog this morning fainted from the bedpost but it seemed to me that it was a heart attack because I was dead with my tongue out and I crying I started talking to her and pour her water and she gradually rationed

I am interested in BUYING a female Pincher. My phone number is 619204080.

hello, is given in adoption female minipincher is a very affectionate bitch when I take confidence, unfortunately not had an easy life, neither before nor now for its current location, once again the hand of man ... I am looking for animal lover that the understand that respect, educate and care as it deserves, deserves to be happy and very happy will be the one who commits to it, if you already have experience in sharing your life with an animal, you know what I'm talking about, they are pure beings without equal ... For more information Mr. Manuel 622375394 barcelona ... echo this message to find a family as soon as possible ... thanks to all ...

How long do puppies need?

Look, I also have a mini pincher and I recently broke my leg because he fell out of bed:]:]:]:]

Hello everyone, if anyone wants their pinxer mini embra to be a mother of mine is a good pretender pure race and very handsome

I have a female pincher and I need a dog to cross it, it urges me because it's already in heat

I have a 6-year-old bat pincher ... it's the spoiled house ... Every night at mumi time. . First he sleeps with my son and hours more he goes to our bed and barks barks until they get him to bed ..
We love our princess so much.

hello I have a beautiful pincher, she is 2 years old, she is called beautiful, I adore her well, I adore all animals, especially dogs and cats, I would like to know what time they have to live and if they stop what consequences mine has, it has 1 birth and second time he spoiled

Hello two days ago my Mini Pincher died, I was almost two years old Sanita had completely given birth 6 months ago everything was great had two puppies a week ago I just sold the last baby of my ZOE. On December 2 without further ado He made a strange attack from there he got dizzy and did not move away from our legs by smashing, then he began to drop drops of water through his mouth, then drooling up to wet his entire chest and legs, gave him a second attack that lost consciousness, cry like a crazy woman but she breathed again and woke up. I didn't take her to the vet before because I'm broke I don't have a hard flagpole on the 10th day I charge € 319 I have a husband and two children barely eat… Without money look for three veterinarians all were They would be closed at 4:30, if I called urgently they charge me more and I didn't think that the day would end with my dead ZOE.
I went to look for the children to the school that left at 4:30 pm. We would all go there quickly to the vet ... my girl came out and I carried my dog ​​like a baby my son had not left when the dog pee on me I look at his face and her ears changed position as if her eyes were closed by clenching her open mouth and her tongue out, running I showed her to my husband and he told me run to the vet when the child comes out I went, I told my 5 year old daughter run honey run that you can die my daughter Mama but why? What happens to the ZOE that has its tongue out? I replied, it is bad, I do not know what happens to it. While I was walking very fast I had my hand on my heart since the dog's face seemed shaken with pain, I told her Quiet ZOE I love you very much calm that Mama is with you and her heart stopped, stop walking feeling but no longer she noticed nothing opened her eyes wide and her pupils widened and her mouth began to open ... I could not cry, my daughter told me what happens and I told her she died, I turned around and my husband and 11-year-old son came from afar. How sad not to have money if I had had money it would have taken her 4 hours before when she gave The first attack, I feel so bad that the system works so badly if you have no money, the veterinarian does not attend to you, how cruel it is to be poor.

That happens to make money with your dog, make her give birth and sell her puppies. You would have taken care of her more. It was obviously not your priority. Since you saw her badly you had to have taken her urgently. Broke! Regrettable. And you still have it with luxury of details

Christmas my dad is going to give me a miniature pincher of the most beautiful but I did not know that the dogs faded

I have a prinscher born May 22 is a girl and when you need a boyfriend, here in Holland I have not seen any of this similar race, but when the time comes I travel to Spain or another country to look for the boyfriend)))

Hello people I have two days ago to pincher.I am more than happy. I love her. She is so small. Well I hope to learn with her.

I have a mini pincher and always when it does not take it anymore it is done in the kitchen where there are newspapers, well we also have it taught that way when I can not stand it anymore but when I was little but it is already 2 and a half years old, What can I do to teach him about his needs in the street that he does, but he continues to add it to the kitchen, well I hope to answer thanks.

Hello everyone, I have a pincher named Nany, it really is very transverse, but watching the house is priceless, it has 5 years with us and it is very healthy to operate it at three months. Whoever has one, I congratulate him from the heart, he looks for us all the time and when we get home after work he goes crazy with happiness. from P.R with love God bless you ..

Hi . I have a mini pincher named LOLA, she is 6 years old, I would like to know why she shakes at all times and why she likes to suck anything that is rag.

I have a pincher and spent a lot of time with bare legs, the vet told me that he was allergic to fleas, he recommends me to put a pipette, the months go by and he continues with the legs in live meat, I decided to call a cousin who is a veterinarian in The United States told me that the only thing that had to be done was to avoid giving him foods that contain poultry meat, I decided to buy him sweet creed ham reduced in salt and fat and in less than a month his legs were cured and so I have been with he and since then only eats ham and is perfect and without weight or health problems

Hello, thanks for the information a month ago that I already have my puppy I did not know what breed it was but it has all the characteristics my concern is his cardiac arithmia beats very hard and has hiccups or maybe it is something else today he swallowed a large bone but It was not splintering just that I worry that he swallowed it and is as without anything as far as his behavior plays normal eats I invite him a little milk and he goes crazy all normal only that his fecal essences today notice that they stunk more can be because I gave him a lot of chocolate milk, I didn't want water, so I gave him that so he wouldn't keep that bone in his throats or something like that. I despaired. I didn't know that I hopefully nothing will happen to him since I get very fond of him, it's my only company

Hello, I am selling a three month mini Pincher, very good and trankila female and very obedient who is interested to call me at 612585755

How is the miniature Pincher dog?

The Pincher is a dog that It looks a lot like the Doberman, but its size is much smaller. In fact, does not usually exceed 30 cm in length or 6 kilos in weight. His head is elongated, he has raised ears and big eyes. Its fur is smooth and short.

As for his personality, the Pincher dog is very energetic, Very curious and an excellent guardian, although its size does not seem so. With people he doesn't know, he acts cautiously, and is very intelligent when it comes to learning new things. By last, He is a very loyal dog with his family.

Everything you should know about Pin Min

Although some cross out this breed a bit complicated, saying that this little boy barks a lot and that his attitude with the rest of dogs and with people can be suspicious, the truth is that properly trained, you will have in them the pet you always wanted.

Now, if what you want is a puppy to take continuously in arms to cuddle and lavish all kinds of pampering, you should know that this is something that does not like too much. Very territorial, they often don't take their size into account and their courage leads them to bark at much larger dogs.

This breed, also called Zweg Pinscher, is native to Germany, back in the 18th century. Around its origin there are theories of the most diverse, one of which says that it is possible to develop from the beginning of crossing Teckels and English Greyhounds. Even at such a crossroads, the Terrier might also intervene, a fact that would explain that the miniature pinscher was a cross between a Manchester terrier and a toy dog.

Miniature replica of the medium pinscher or German pinscher, It does not have any trait of dwarfism, differing in the weight that in the case of the miniature ranges from 3.5 to 5 kilos, while the medium is between 14 and 20 kilos. Its longevity borders 13 years.

There is the mistaken belief that this breed originated from the popular Dobermann. Its only common feature is that Terrier blood ran through both ancestors, the Dobermann appearing almost a hundred years later. Proof of this is that the pinscher was already present in sculptures and paintings from centuries ago.

Originally from German farms, it was used as a buzzard and never fell into the hands of the aristocracy. In the beginning the breed was called Reh Pinscher and included all the small dogs that could boast of hunting rats.

As for the name of pinscher, it is translated as "teether", which qualifies that nothing corresponds to its character. Although it is said of him that "You think a big dog", It is actually very tame and not aggressive at all.

In 1895 this breed served as inspiration to create the Pinscher Klub, which today is known as Pinscher Schnauzer Klub, drafting its standards of racial perfection, as well as describing its proper temperament and the colors it should have. From him it can be affirmed that he is a dog with an attitude that shows everyone.

The first place he came from his home was to the Scandinavian countries, being today a very popular breed in the Netherlands and in Denmark. From there it spread throughout Europe, arriving in Italy, where he is a favorite breed today, and reaching the British Isles, place where he was welcomed effusively for his intelligence, striking temperament and ease of care.

Until the beginning of the First World War its popularity was increasing, but given the problem of the situation it was not until 1919 when its young was booming again.

Some time later, he arrived in the United States accompanying German immigrants where he began to stand out in dog shows.

Physical characteristics

Although the Pinscher's measures tend to vary among the different canine federations in the world, we can write down some data that serve to determine their size and appearance ...

Their cheeks should not stand out and your skin It must not be loose, but stuck. its nose she is black and her lips They should not be loose. Their ears must be placed high and its hair is short.

The color of her hair It is usually black on most occasions, which does not mean that it is totally black, but that it has perfectly defined reddish brown marks. It has a mark above each eye and on the snout and throat, also one on each side of the chest, on the legs and feet as well as under the tail. Other specimens have a reddish brown brown hue throughout their hair.


The pinscher dog has a innate elegance that characterizes him. Bold, gallant and independent, it is a self-sufficient pet who loves to present a groomed appearance. It seems that years do not go by him because he remains playful and with an enormous vitality no matter how much he becomes.

Of this race we must highlight his enormous intelligence when it comes to learning everything that his owners want to teach him. If this mini dog likes something, it is to please his family. its sense of possession It leads him to think that both his house and those who inhabit it belong to his property.

Although it is sometimes stubborn, it will not cease in its efforts to make as many monkeys as are necessary to be the center of attention of its house and will not lose the opportunity to exhibit its prodigious sense of humor.

The Pin Min is a unique puppy when it comes to quickly and easily adapting to environments and situations. You can live in total comfort in a small apartment, but it won't stop being immensely happy in a house with a garden.

Your curiosity does not seem to have limits so it is not uncommon to be involved in some kind of problem, which makes it necessary for their owners to take a look from time to time in order to review their wanderings.

One issue to keep in mind is that, despite being an obedient pet, if at any time you miss it, it is possible that it will take its owner's career to reach it as an exciting game that you will not want to end.

For this reason when you are on the street or in a non-fenced garden you must be always guarded and go with your runto. Even inside the home, precautionary measures should also be taken with this restless little boy. One of those that must always be taken with him is not to leave the gate of the house open, as he could take it as an invitation to leave.

Ornaments that are on the tables or on the shelves constitute a temptation for him. The cushions of the sofa and its filling are other objects that are safe from the little one, especially when they are puppies and are still not clear about what they can and what they cannot do.

Despite its tiny size, It is a great guard dog for the family, with a certain tendency to bark too much to be controlled since they are puppies through positive training.

Brave pet where there are, you will be surprised that despite its small size does not hesitate a moment to face other dogs of a much larger size.

In the same way that he loves wasting energy everywhere, he also feels enormously happy when he climbs onto a bed or a sofa next to his owner and hugs him.

Relationship with children

The one known as the "King of the Toys", He is an elegant and muscular puppy that tends to be very possessive of his loved ones, always being alert, which is why they are said to be good guard dogs.

Despite the above, it is not the most suitable breed for families with young children, because they need affection, as well as being treated with gentleness and tranquility. However, they are phenomenal with slightly older children.

Basic care

One of the virtues of this breed of kids is that they need little care, so that coexistence is greatly simplified.

At the hygiene level, remember that keeping your pet scrupulously clean benefits both her and all family members. This is due to the fact that dwarf dogs usually go from one arm to another in the family, which is an approach that requires adequate hygienic measures.

A precaution that is recommended, especially in puppies that live in the city and, therefore, suffer the effects of pollution, is clean your eyes every time it is seen that legañas appear through them. Remove them with a damp cloth, otherwise your pet might bother you to the point where you try to eliminate them with your paw, so that it could be harmed. When your pinscher grows older, you may begin to experience difficulties in maintaining the moisture in your eyes.

As for his nail, if they do not get to wear it naturally, it is convenient to cut them, something that is not too simple and for what it is better that you take him to the veterinarian's consultation.

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Dental hygiene

The tiny teeth of these puppies tend hopelessly, like that of the other breeds of this size, to accumulate bacterial plaque and tartar, which ends up translating into other problems such as bad breath.

To avoid it, you must get used to a regular tooth brushing. This activity is likely not to like and even bothers you enough, so it would be advisable to start doing it from a puppy to get used to it.

Another way to control these teething problems would be to establish a reward system consisting of those cookies or bones that, for dental cleaning purposes, are sold in specialized establishments and for which your little one will sigh.

Bath and drying

It will be enough to bathe your min pin once a month with a good special shampoo for dogs (never with one for humans) and that has a pH similar to yours, that is, a pH7.

Once you take him out of the bathroom, dry it carefully with a towel, thus removing all excess water. Next, apply an electric dryer, making sure it is not too hot, because in that case you could burn it.

You must be careful that your little pinscher never goes out to the street still wet, it could be constipated, even more so if it is in winter, because these dogs are reputed to be very cold. Here you have to keep in mind that your hair is very short and that you have no sub hair.

For this reason, if you are surprised by the clothes and cute accessories that exist in the market for toy dogs, the pinscher is your ideal breed, as they are the first candidates to wear the latest in winter coats.

In the mini pinscher, it will be enough with a good brushing so that the natural fat that secretes your own hair keeps it clean and shiny. In the molting period, which usually coincides with the seasonal changes, the frequency of brushing must be greater. Always use a brush that pulls hair that is loose but does not tear the rest.

Vaccines and antiparasitic treatments

When you adopt your min pin, it is very convenient for you to receive your vaccination card, in which you will see the doses that have been given to you reflected and, therefore, you will be able to know which ones are missing. The veterinarian will tell you what the vaccination schedule to which you must submit your little one.

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More common diseases

El mini pinscher es una raza que en líneas generales goza de buena salud, si bien, como cualquier otra, es propensa a sufrir una serie de complicaciones a nivel de salud que en su caso son las siguientes:

  • Problemas del corazón. No nos estamos refiriendo a dolencias tan graves que pongan en riesgo su vida, pero sí a ciertas patologías que influyen a nivel de circulación de la sangre y que les hacen sufrir repentinos desmayos que les dejan inconscientes durante unos segundos, lo cual suele alarmar mucho a sus dueños.
  • Golpe de calor. Si bien este problema puede sufrirse por cualquier raza, la del pinscher es especialmente proclive a ello, por lo que es fundamental mantenerle a la sombra cuando se elevan las temperaturas.

Si el perro sufre una insolación o un golpe de calor, lo notarás porque comenzará a padecer diarreas y vómitos, incluso podrá llegar a desmayarse. En ese caso, no dudes en llevarlo urgentemente al veterinario. Si ello no es posible, deberás meterlo en una bañera llena de agua fría en la que el agua le llegue hasta el cuello.

    Constipation. Un problema común en ciertas razas y que afecta especialmente a la que traemos ente manos. Un adecuado cambio en su alimentación que incluya ciertas verduras poco coc >Adiestramiento

El pinscher es una estupenda mascota, aunque has de saber que siempre piensa por sí mismo y que tiende a que su carácter dominante impere. Su enorme inteligencia requiere que su dueño esté atento, sea paciente y se muestre siempre firme.

Su terquedad sugiere que su adiestramiento comience desde cachorro. En el entorno correcto y con la compañía correcta, pueden convertirse en unas mascotas de compañía inmejorables.

Los dueños de ejemplares de esta raza han de ser especialmente precavidos y no caer en el conocido "Small dog syndrome", es decir, que la ternura de su diminuto tamaño les embauque al punto de comenzar a comportarse con él como si de un bebé se tratase.

Hay que tener en cuenta que una mala crianza en este sentido hará que este pequeñín comience a creerse “el líder de la manada”, razón por la que tenderá a querer volverse el dueño de la casa y a imponer su voluntad sobre todos aquellos que allí habitan.

Un dueño con experiencia en adiestramiento e incluso sin ella, pero que muestre la firmeza que esta raza precisa, será aquel que sepa dejar claro que él es quien manda, evitando así que su mascota se vuelva caprichosa, inconformista y posesiva hasta la saciedad.

Una de las principales preguntas que debes hacerte cuando vayas a adoptar a un pinscher es si vas a tener tiempo para dedicarle a sus juegos y a su adiestramiento. Si además de tener un compañero atento, fiel y leal que te traspasará su alegría y felicidad, tienes la habilidad de hacerte entender con los animales, no te resultará nada difícil lograr que sea un perrito con un óptimo comportamiento.

Entre las numerosas ventajas de este perrito se encuentra que no necesita de unos cuidados específicos, por lo que se convierte en la mascota idónea para todo el que desee tener su casa controlada.

Estos perros valientes, que jamás temen a la adversidad y a los que la actividad física les fascina, necesitan un plus de ejercicio, por lo que agradecerán un buen paseo diario. Durante el mismo, también es fundamental que le dejes socializarse tanto con otros perros como con personas, por lo que no debes caer en el error de coger al tuyo en brazos, ni de llevarlo en un bolso ni nada parecido.

Cordiales y orgullosos, son también animados y exigentes y la socialización que les proporciona el paseo les viene de maravilla para controlar esa excesiva tendencia al ladrido que tienen y que les hace reaccionar de esta manera ante todo aquello que le llama la atención.

Mimándolo demasiado le harás un flaco favor a tu pequeño amigo. Lo que sí debes darle es la oportunidad, siempre que puedas, de que corra y juegue libremente en una zona cercada donde esté a salvo de posibles escapadas.

Una característica que quizás te llame la atención del perro pinscher es que se sentirá muy satisfecho acompañándote en todos tus trayectos, lo que incluye aquellos que realices en coche. Siempre que le lleves sin transportin recuerda que has de colocarle el cinturón de seguridad junto con un arnés, que le preserve de los daños que pudiera causarle un tirón inesperado.